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VASCUTEK, an ISO 13485 approved manufacturing facility, has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of medical textiles and ePTFE grafts.

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Polyester products

In our specially designed textile department, a dedicated team of experts convert yarn into a wide variety of fabrics.

VASCUTEK has the capability of converting the yarn either by knitting or weaving on high precision machines.

The process selected is dependent on the product's requirements and final application. The fabric can be produced in flat or tubular form.

ePTFE products

Since 1999, VASCUTEK has been manufacturing ePTFE vascular grafts. The custom built, state of the art facility utilises the very latest in PTFE manufacturing technology.

Advanced computer controlled manufacturing techniques and monitoring systems ensure that product of an exacting level of consistency and quality is achieved.

The unique sintering process, an integral part of the manufacturing procedure whereby the ePTFE is heated and stabilised, features an innovative computer controlled conveyor oven, ensuring uniformity of working temperatures and product consistency.

VASCUTEK has developed the "continuous conveyor" sintering process where the ePTFE passes through a high temperature zone that causes the molecules to join together.

The temperature of the hot zone is tightly controlled, thereby reducing product variability.

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