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  • Thoraflex Hybrid - The world’s FIRST Frozen Elephant Trunk Device with aortic Arch Plexus

    The world’s FIRST Frozen Elephant Trunk Device with aortic Arch Plexus

    Comprising of a proximal multi-branched graft and distal stent, Thoraflex™ Hybrid is designed for intuitive and accurate deployment, has the potential to reduce ischaemia time and enable a one-stage operation.

    Product availability subject to local regulatory approval

  • Fenestrated Anaconda

    Our unique design allows a tailored fit

    More opportunities to treat your patient’s individual anatomy

    Vascutek provides a Case Rehearsal Service which allows clinicians to confirm the approach and procedural plan, giving them total confidence during implantation and contributing to our 99% target vessel cannulation rate1.

    1. Anaconda Fenestrated Graft: Short And Medium Term Results Of The First 100 UK Cases.
    Burfitt NJ, VEITH Symposium 2013.
    Custom Made Device. Product availability subject to local regulations. Not available in the USA.

  • The Human Heart

    Antibiotic Bonding

    Vascutek gelatin sealed vascular grafts form an ionic bond with the antibiotic Rifampicin. This feature provides up to 5 days antibiotic activity that has the potential to minimise the occurrence of post-operative graft infection. This strategy is suitable for both gelatin sealed Polyester and gelatin sealed ePTFE grafts.

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Training Tips

These have been contributed by 26 UK-based surgeons


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Vascutek Info

VASCUTEK, a TERUMO Company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of products that address the needs of vascular and cardiovascular clinicians throughout the world.

For over 30 years, Vascutek has applied advanced and innovative technologies to develop a wide portfolio of products which include a AAA stent graft system and an extensive range of sealed woven and knitted polyester grafts for peripheral, abdominal and cardiothoracic surgery. Our range of products also feature ePTFE grafts.

Product Focus

The repositionable Anaconda™ BluGlide™ AAA Stent Graft System features a state-of-the-art hydrophilic coating and exceptional flexibility that caters for varying patient anatomies and minimises the potential for kinking.


Vascutek Anaconda™ BluGlide™ AAA Stent Graft System.

Anaconda™ Animation

Animation of the Anaconda BluGlide™.

Anaconda™ Implantation

Clinical implantation of Anaconda BluGlide™.

Cannulation Guidelines Animation

Cannulation Guidelines

Information for dialysis staff on correct needling technique for vascular grafts.

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