GelweaveTM is a woven graft featuring reduced thrombogenicity, hydrolysable gelatin sealant technology1,2 and is indicated for systemic vascular repair, which includes cardiothoracic, thoracoabdominal and abdominal applications.

Comprehensive Range of Designs

The extensive range of GelweaveTM grafts includes:

Straights and bifurcates

Aortic arch geometries

Key Benefits of GelweaveTM

Antibiotic Bonding and Heparin Soaking Options

Prior to implant, the gelatin sealed prosthesis can be loaded with heparin and/or bonded with antibiotics in accordance with the product's Instructions for Use* 3,4,5

* Please Note: the Rifampicin/Heparin loading procedure is subject to local regulatory approval and has not been approved in the United States of America, Canada or Singapore.

Gelatin Sealant Technology

Vascutek's trusted gelatin sealant technology delivers reduced thrombogenicity while maintaining excellent handling 6, 7

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Instructions for Use

The standard Polyester IFU is supplied with all Gelweave™ devices. 


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