GelsoftTM is a conventional warp knitted vascular graft utilising reduced thrombogenicity, hydrolysable gelatin sealant technology1,2 and is indicated for abdominal, peripheral and extra-anatomic applications.

Prior to implant, the gelatin sealant can be loaded with heparin and/or bonded with antibiotics in accordance with the product's Instructions for Use*

  • Unique hydrolysable gelatin impregnation2
  • True zero porosity/superior handling2
  • Enhanced suture retention2
  • Reduced thrombogenicity2
  • Excellent tissue incorporation2

*The Rifampicin/Heparin loading procedure is subject to local regulatory approval and has not been approved in the United States of America, Canada or Singapore.

The comprehensive Gelsoft™ range includes unsupported designs, supported designs and cardiovascular patches

Unsupported designs


Axillo-Bifemoral (90o design)


Externally supported (ERS) designs



Axillo-bifemoral EQUI-FLOTM

Product Brochures


  1. Jenkinson P, Thrombogenicity of Coated Medical Products. (1989), Safepharm Laboratories Ltd, UK
  2. Drury J. et al. (1987), Experimental and Clinical Experience WiGth a Elatin Impregnated Dacron Prosthesis. Ann Vasc Surg, 1, 542-547

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