Anaconda™ - AAA stent graft system

Anaconda AAA stent graft system

Designed to deliver exceptional flexibility, now indicated for infrarenal neck angulations up to 90°1


The AnacondaTM AAA Stent Graft System is indicated for the repair of infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA).


Innovative ring stent technology combined with a flexible body delivers a sealing system that conforms naturally to the anatomy of your patient2.


The ability to fully reposition enables clinicians to deliver the system accurately to the target, even in challenging anatomy3.


Product availability subject to local regulatory approval



Fully repositionable AAA stent graft system

Fully repositionable - ensures accurate delivery to the target3

Proactive sealing system

Proactive sealing system - innovative ring stent technology4

90° Aortic Neck CE Mark

90° Aortic Neck CE Mark - proven results within challenging anatomy5,6

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The Anaconda™ Stent Graft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm repair.
Ongoing developments to treat complex situations


Robbert Meerwaldt
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Medisch Spectrum Twente
The Netherlands


Key Benefits of the AnacondaTM AAA Stent Graft System

Fully Repositionable

The fully repositionable deployment system enables the relocation of the proximal ring stents for optimal positioning. 6,7,8

AAA stent graft control

Proactive Sealing System

The dual proximal ring stent design with hooks provides an excellent sealing function with positive fixation as an additional security against stent graft migration. 6,8

90° Aortic Neck CE Mark

The Anaconda™ AAA Stent Graft System is indicated to treat infra-renal neck angulations up to 90° with proven results within challenging anatomy.5,6

In addition, the multiple, independent ring stent design provides maximum flexibility to cater for varying patient anatomies and minimises the potential for kinking. 9

Pre-implantation   Post-implantation
Pre-implantation   Post-implantation

(3D reconstruction images courtesy of Dr. P. Bungay, Derby, England).