Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS)

Please visit Vascutek at Stand 24, where Thoraflex™ Hybrid and our full range of Gelweave™ cardiothoracic grafts will be on display.

Thoraflex™ Hybrid the Word’s First “Frozen Elephant Trunk” device with Aortic Arch Plexus.

Thoraflex™ Hybrid combines the benefits of the “Frozen Elephant” procedure with the Gelweave™ Siena Plexus graft to substantially increase solutions available in the treatment of complex diverse aortic arch disease.

Thoraflex™ Hybrid is indicated for repair of aneurysm and/or dissection in the ascending thoracic aorta, aortic arch and descending thoracic aorta. It consists of a proximal gelatin sealed woven polyester multi-branch aortic arch Gelweave™ Siena Plexus graft pre-sewn to a distal stent graft.

The latter, of a multiple independent ring stent design, allows excellent anatomical conformability. The device is provided compacted within a short and malleable delivery system designed to enable fast and accurate deployment.

The multi-branch aortic arch Gelweave™ Plexus Siena graft, designed for fast arch vessel reconstruction and arterial cannulation, has been demonstrated to reduce ischaemia times, time to re-warming and overall operating times.

The “Siena™” collar simplifies the distal aorta aortic anastomosis. Additional radiopaque markers aid in vivo visualisation.

Differential graft to stent diameters cater for variable proximal and distal aortic anatomies; an important consideration for such procedures.

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