Thoraflex™ Hybrid – over 3,000 implants

Developments, Updates and Further Success

In January 2018, Vascutek surpassed 3,000 successful commercial implants of Thoraflex™ Hybrid.

The launch of Thoraflex™ Hybrid in 2012 represented a significant advance in the methods available for the treatment of arterial disease of the aorta within the chest. It was found to allow earlier patient re-warming, reduce myocardial ischaemia, lower body ischaemia and reduce operating times.

Thoraflex Hybrid: AnteFlow and Plexus


In 2017, Vascutek made advancements to Thoraflex™ Hybrid offering a new and expanded range enabling treatment of a wider range of patients.

New Product Offerings:

In addition to the pre-existing Thoraflex™ Hybrid Plexus enabling individual arch vessel reconstruction, Thoraflex™ Hybrid Ante-Flo™ was introduced to facilitate the Island Technique to cater for different surgeon preferences and surgical techniques.

Two smaller stent diameter sizes, 24 and 26mm, were also introduced to the core product range to more readily allow the treatment of patients with different types of disease and smaller aortic anatomy.

Delivery System
Developments to the delivery system included creating a more intuitive rapid release splitter clip mechanism for improved ease of deployment and also making the system more conformable and flexible allowing easier shaping of the device to suit the patient’s anatomy.

Increased market availability

Since 2015 when Vascutek celebrated the 1,000th successful Thoraflex™ Hybrid implant, Vascutek has widened the product availability to 36 countries. Key markets together with their respective number of implants as of January 2018 were Germany (1300), France (350), UK (335), Italy (280) and The Netherlands (140).

Early success for US Clinical trial
To date there have been 57 implants in 10 centres.

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