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  • Anaconda AAA stent graft system


    Designed to deliver exceptional flexibility, now indicated for infrarenal neck angulations up to 90°

    The AnacondaTM AAA Stent Graft System is indicated for the repair of infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). The ability to fully reposition enables clinicians to deliver the system accurately to the target, even in challenging anatomy.

    Product availability subject to local regulatory approval

  • Thoraflex Hybrid - The world’s FIRST Frozen Elephant Trunk Device with aortic Arch Plexus

    The world’s FIRST Frozen Elephant Trunk Device with aortic Arch Plexus

    Comprising of a proximal multi-branched graft and distal stent, Thoraflex™ Hybrid is designed for intuitive and accurate deployment, has the potential to reduce ischaemia time and enable a one-stage operation.

    Product availability subject to local regulatory approval
    Not approved in the USA.

  • 1000th Fenestrated Anaconda implant

    Fenestrated Anaconda™ reaches its 1000th milestone

    We are delighted to announce that the 1000th Fenestrated Anaconda™ Custom AAA Stent Graft System has been successfully implanted. The 1000th implant was a 4 fenestration case.

    The unique design of Fenestrated Anaconda™ allows fenestrations to be placed exactly where required. Vascutek’s dedicated Custom Device department provides a fenestrated stent graft which is a tailored fit to match the patient’s individual anatomy.

  • Thoraflex Hybrid - 500 Implants

    500 Implants of
    ThoraflexTM Hybrid

    Since November 2012, 500 ThoraflexTM Hybrid devices have been implanted at 90 hospitals in 21 countries throughout Europe, the Far East, Australasia and Canada.

  • Vascutek and Innovation

    Vascutek and Innovation

    Vascutek offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative product solutions to treat an extensive range of cardiovascular diseases. One example is Anaconda™, featuring BluGlide™, the first repositionable AAA stent graft system.

    Find out more by visiting the Professional section.

  • Vascutek and Patient Education

    Vascutek and Patient Education

    Vascutek is committed to providing patients with a variety of information designed to inform you about cardiovascular disease and the treatment options available. Our focus this month is Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA).

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